TWIB # 3 – Committees, CASA & Student Life Fee

Hi Badgers! Chris Ventura here – I am the Speaker at BUSAC (I facilitate the meetings).


One of the motions at the September 24th meeting was the approval of several Student at Large committee seats. The Governance Committee reviewed the applications and provided a recommendation to BUSAC which was approved. Now that the committees have been filled, they can start to meet and begin working!


One committee that was tasked with two major projects is the Referendum Implementation and Levy Review Committee (RILRC). They are responsible for reviewing and researching the status of referendums and reviewing current student fees. At the meeting on Wednesday they were tasked with reviewing two referendums.


The first, brought forward by VPSS Paul Dermody, is the Student Life fee that passed in 2013. Dermody is looking to ensure that student dollars are being spent transparently and on what was originally promised when the fee was proposed.


The second fee RILRC has been tasked to review isn’t technically a student fee in same way the Student Life fee is. BUSU is a member of the Canadian Alliance of Student Association (CASA) and BUSU pays for its membership through its division one budget. Councillor Evans motioned to have CASA sent to referendum. Evans believes that the cost of the CASA membership plus any additional travel/conference fees are not worth it. You can view Tyler’s argument starting at 1:31:00


Councillor Fuller writes:


“I voted against taking CASA to a referendum. CASA is currently going through a change period and I believe that the students at Brock need to see what CASA has to offer when they get to their full potential. CASA provides students with an outlet to advocate on their behalf to the government and other key organizations. By doing this, it directly improves the lives of students. The BUSU Advocacy department has weekly campaigns that educate students on issues such as transit and financial literacy and I believe CASA’s support is essential in completing these campaigns. If a student would like to know more about CASA, they should visit their website at For now, I think BUSU should wait a few years before taking CASA to referendum. Without it, there could be negative effects to our lobbying campaigns here on campus. “


BUSAC ended up voting in favour of sending CASA to RILRC to have it thoroughly reviewed. RILRC will report back to BUSAC once complete, and BUSAC will have to decide from there what to do.