The Future of General Brock Store

The General Brock Store, has long been a part of the BUSU family, it is our original commercial operation and longest lasting. In the long life of the General Brock Store many reinventions have occurred, changing from a full service convenience store, to a dollar store operation and back again. In keeping with this long tradition while recognizing changing students needs the General Brock is being reinvented once more, and moving locations taking over the Sub South Convenience Store. The new GB will offer many of the great items from Sub South including Booster Juice and fair trade coffee while bringing in some of the services of the old General Brock such as Coach Canada Bus Tickets and hygiene products.

The old General Brock location is being re-purposed to address some of the most pressing student concerns on campus, including student lounge/ study space, cheap photo copiers and printing stations and a student food bank. The new student service space (new name still being finalized) will serve to expand the number of student services BUSU offers as well as creating a new location for clubs and students groups to meet and organize.

We hope that this new space when completed in early august will improve the quality of life of students here at Brock and expand BUSU’s ability to help our members have the most enjoyable student experience possible.

Luke Speers
Vice President Finance and Administration
Brock University Students Union