Tentative Deal Reached Between Brock & CUPE

We (BUSU) can now confirm that Brock University and CUPE 4207 Unit 3 have reached a new tentative collective agreement.  We would like to congratulate and thank both Brock University and CUPE 4207 Unit 3 for working late into the night and for reaching a tentative agreement.  The agreement between the parties will remain tentative until it is ratified by Brock University Board of Trustees as well as a vote of the CUPE 4207 Unit 3 membership.  The vote by CUPE membership is scheduled to take place on Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 5pm.  Classes and University services will continue as usual while the tentative agreement is in place.

For more information on the tentative agreement please go to:

Brock University: http://www.brocku.ca/brock-news/?p=32984

CUPE 4207 Unit 3: http://4207.cupe.ca/2015/03/15/bargaining-team-reaches-tentative-agreement/

Thank you,

Roland Erman
BUSU President