Sustainability Contest


Submit Your Bright Idea:

Think you have what it takes to inflict change? Want to make a positive, environmental impact on the Brock community?

Here at BUSU, we want to know… What’s your BRIGHT IDEA?

As part of our Sustainability Initiative, we have up to $25,000 to put toward eco-friendly use for on-campus change. There are multitudes of ways we can put the money toward good use, and we want YOU the students to choose! Winning initiatives will be chosen by the green levy committee, and will be voted on based on feasibility, and ability of implementation. Prizing will be awarded to 3 students, based on bright, brighter, and brightest ideas!

Idea’s that are likely to be implemented are those which:

    1. Are within BUSU’s control to implement. For example, making all buses electric is a great idea, but it’s not within BUSU’s power to actually implement that.
    2. All ideas with greater environmental impact will be given priority.
    3. Ideas will not have an implementation cost that exceeds $25,000.