Statement Regarding Halloween Costume Contest Issue at Isaac’s

As a follow-up to the issue regarding the Thursday Halloween Pub Night costume contest, we want to assure students that BUSU is taking steps to ensure that an incident like this does not occur again.  BUSU feels that it is very important for our patrons and especially our members to know how we are proceeding.


BUSU will be ensuring that the current workplace safety and harassment training that is presented to our front line staff, including security and bar staff is expanded to training and awareness of equity and human rights issues similar to the training our Full-Time staff receives through the Ontario Human Rights Commission.  BUSU will also be reaching out to on-campus partners to help facilitate and to ensure that the expanded training meets the needs of a wide variety of issues.  This expansion will see close to 200 students and staff receive additional and diverse training once they are hired at BUSU.


BUSU will also revisit how contests of this nature take place.  Currently most of these types of contests, such as the costume contest, are based on a crowd applause selection process and are of a very arbitrary nature.  BUSU will be taking steps to ensure that entrants into such type of contests are vetted with a supervisor of the respective area before being presented to the crowd and before they are eligible for prizes and other forms of recognition.  Furthermore, BUSU will ensure that a supervisor will be present during all contests, giveaways and recognition events.


BUSU will also be reaching out to internal and external campus partners to run awareness campaigns and provide resources leading up to events that could lend themselves to incidents similar to the issues that happened during the Halloween Pub Night.  BUSU recognizes that this was definitely an area of shortcoming this year and in the past.  BUSU will be committed to making sure students, staff and partners are aware of the potential issues, insensitivities and best practices to ensure that all parties have a respectful and enjoyable time at an event on or off-campus.


For all further information and/or questions, please contact Roland Erman, BUSU President – [email protected]