So Many Reasons To Vote…

There are So Many Reasons To Vote…

We’ve heard that students might not know what BUSU does for them.  That’s fair. Many students use BUSU services, program, and businesses every day and don’t realize that BUSU has provided this to them.  Not everything BUSU does has its logo on it.

Think about it for a second.  When you eat at Skybar, that’s BUSU.  When you wait in line at Subway, that’s BUSU.  When you go to Shoppers Drug Mart to get your prescription drug on your Brock Health Plan, that’s BUSU.  When you get on the 115 at 9:00am, that’s BUSU.  When you got crazy at Steve Angello or Mac Miller, that was BUSU.  When you gave the Advocacy crew suggestions about a Better Brock, that was BUSU.  When you need a little extra cash or food from the Food Bank, that’s BUSU.  When you graduate and get your grad photos taken, that’s BUSU.  When you bought all those sweet posters, that was BUSU. The list goes on and on.

All of these things and much more are directly affected by the results of the BUSU Elections.  That is why we say There are So Many Reasons to Vote.  We ask you to check out this video below to see if you can find your reason why you will be voting in the election this year.

We hope you can find one of the hundreds of reasons to vote this year.  If you don’t see a reason that compels you in on of the six (6) videos at, let us know and we will add it.  Connect with us on Facebook at, on Twitter with @BrockBUSU or #BUSUElections, visit to see candidate and referendum information and of course watch all the coverage (also BUSU).

Remember you may not see the BUSU logo, but we are here, and we are always growing and getting better.  Your vote will have a direct impact on your Students Union, we promise.