Smart Start for BUSU

Almost two months in as a Marketing Coordinator for BUSU… I can’t even believe it! Time really flies when you’re busy preparing for the upcoming school year. My first day in the office I remember being so eager to get started and dive right into the planning process. Looking at how much progress the two other marketing coordinators and I have made, as well as all the other BUSU staff, I am excited to say we are well underway to making 2013-2014 an amazing school year.

Last Monday was the beginning of Brock University’s Smart Start program; getting incoming 1st years all prepared and pumped up for O-Week and the milestone they are about to reach – starting their university career and experience. I remember when I came through for Smart Start, it was definitely an overwhelming experience. Information is being thrown at you left and right, while at the same time you’re being asked questions about what you want to do, where you may want to get involved, and what your interests are. Everything you learn in one day could honestly be stretched out into almost a full week. Nonetheless, Smart Start was an experience I do not regret going to at all! Instead of feeling lost entering my first week of university, the things I learned and remembered actually helped get me through the craziness.

Smart Start made the transition from high school to university so much easier. I’m sure the full day of presentations, Q & A’s, and info sessions helped my parents with the change as well. Much better than me leaving September 1st for Brock with them knowing nothing about where I am going and what I will be immersing myself in.

Now, working for BUSU and handling presentations to students going through the same experience of Smart Start that I did, I want to reassure them that they are going to love Brock as much as I do. Every day brings on a new adventure – with different students coming in through BUSU’s doors, the other staff members and I have to get them as excited about everything that BUSU has to offer as we are!

It’s only been a week of presentations and showing off what we have to offer through BUSU, O-Week, and Access Gold, and with that we’ve definitely had some realizations. Not everyone is going to laugh at our jokes. We ARE going to make fools of ourselves at times. The groups will either love us or not even know what to think of us. And lastly – We need to be the energy that students may not have at 9 in the morning.

Overall, with the beginning of Smart Start and BUSU presentations, and simply being involved in the office planning for the upcoming school year, it has been an incredible experience. Every person working for BUSU is unbelievably dedicated towards making the next year for students an unforgettable one. Even though it’s only the beginning of my position here at BUSU, I cannot imagine any other place I would want to work for the next year!

So get excited Badgers! This upcoming school year is going to be legendary!