What is an Ombudsperson?

“The Ombudsperson is a neutral party who advocates for fair policies, procedures, practices and decision-making on campus. We are a safe space to voice concerns and gather information on available options as we are not required to notify University administrators, being an informal channel of resolution.”

The Ombudsperson Will:

  • Listen and help to analyze the problem or complaint;
  • Identify and explain relevant policies and procedures;
  • Provide understanding of the University system;
  • Help to define and evaluate options;
  • Manage conflicts;
  • Discuss productive ways to communicate; and
  • Help you resolve problems informally.

The Ombudsperson May:

  • Inquire about a problem, complaint, or concern;
  • Mediate conflicts;
  • Begin discussions with other people or departments involved (only with your permission);
  • Make referrals to other campus and community resources; and
  • Recommend changes in University policies or procedures.

Common Concerns

Undergraduates International Students
Academic Misconduct Charge/Appeal Academic Misconduct Charge/Appeal
Grade Appeal Involuntary Withdrawal
Academic Probation, Suspension, Debarment Help navigating University Policies and Procedures
Accommodation Help interpreting Academic Decisions and Outcomes
Course/Program Quality Assurance Help writing formal letters and communicating to University Staff.