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Gabby Corriveau

BOD Candidate

What’s up Badgers, My name is Gabby Corriveau and I am in my third year of the Neuroscience program with a minor in Canadian Studies.

A little more about me; I love travelling and making new friends. I’m currently living abroad in Germany trying to learn German as my third language….but it’s not going so well. I am your Math and Science representative and have been a part of BUSU since my first year here at Brock.

I know that I am qualified to continue to represent YOU, my fellow students. I believe that transparency and accountability are required to maintain an equitable student government and wish to continue to uphold these values on BUSU’s highest electoral body, the Board of Directors. Given the opportunity I will voice your concerns to make sure YOU are heard. 

A vote for me is a vote for transparency and accountability.

For more information visit my Instagram @gabryelle_corriveau.