My First Month at BUSU

What’s up Badgers?!

It is now close to the end of my first month working for BUSU as one of three marketing coordinators and I have a lot to talk about!

I started the job on the 13th of May and I had no idea what to expect. BUSU is such a cool place to work and all of my colleagues are really great people! Everyone is so open and friendly here, and I really felt welcome and at home when I first started.

It is only the first month of work for most of us coordinators, yet everyone has already jumped right into their work and there are a number of wheels in motion already. Even though O-Week is still months away the office is already buzzing with excitement for what is to come and we are all pumped for what this upcoming year holds!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates this summer on the BUSU website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter and I hope that you are all enjoying your summer vacation!

One of your BUSU Marketing Coordinators

Lashkar Dehal