Is it Reading Week yet?

Reading Week. The week, we’ve been waiting for all winter! Are you one of the lucky students going away for the week? If you are, here is some useful information provided by Travel Cuts (located in front of the BUSU office).

1. Packing Advice

– In your carry-on bag, pack an extra bathing suit, shorts and t-shirt (Just in case there are any luggage problems!)

– NO LIQUIDS in your carry on (Avoid the hassle)!!!

2. Stay Safe

– Stay with your group (No solo missions)

– Don’t leave your drink unattended

– Make sure to book any taxis through the hotel with a confirmed price

3. Airport Guidelines

– Make sure to check-in at the airport 3 hrs prior to departure time

– Bring ORIGINAL copy of passport (No photo-copies…sounds silly, but it happens!)

– For the ladies, you are allowed to bring a carry-on PLUS a purse. Awesome, more room for things we probably don’t need anyways!

4. Additional Facts

– Bring US Money!!

– For activities or excursions, use your credit card for better exchange rates

– Avoid using travel cheques

– Make great use of the safety deposit in your room.

– Many resorts ask for a deposit (around $20) upon arrival, be prepared to not get that money back!’