Homecoming 2012

It’s that time of year again where Brock students everywhere litter the Brock University campus with their badger pride. Although homecoming is a relatively new tradition at Brock, we as students continue to do it bigger each year. For all the badgers anxiously waiting, here is a sneak peak of how this much anticipated day will play out: This year Homecoming will take place on Saturday, September 29th, beginning the festivities bright and early at the doors of Isaac’s. The day will start off at 10 am with Isaac’s Annual Homecoming party to kick off the fun. Only a particular type of badger will migrate to Issac’s on this day; the type of badger that understands what it means to really celebrate Brock for the amazing school that it is!

Admission to Isaac’s will be 19+ only, but dont fret there are many all ages events throughout the day! All badgers will report outside of Issac’s at 12:30pm to rally together and begin our march to the playing fields to cheer on our athletes. The first battle will be between our men’s rugby team and The University of Guelph. Next, the men’s lacrosse team will take on The University of Western Ontario in the upper feild next to the walker complex. The day will end off with a final battle between the women’s rugby team and Mcmaster University. With the support of our army, our athletes will prosper, gaining strength from the thousands of student’s cheering loudly behind them.This year we will be giving out amazing prizes for the students who show the best school spirit!!!  We as student’s of Brock have many ways that we can make this the best Homcoming so far!! Here are some tips on how to live it up on homecoming and be the best badger you can be!!!

1) Plan ahead!! : Homecoming only comes once a year, commit to Brock for the day!! Tell your boss, your mom or your grandma that you are all booked up!!

2) Round up your crew: Gather up your housemates, floormates, classmates and neighbours and make a plan for the day!! The more the merrier!!

3) Get your Homecoming Package before they sell out: No one wants to be left out of the fun! Come to Issac’s Wednesday and Thursday of this week at 12 noon to purchase your homecoming package for $15 (Includes: Admission to Issac’s, T-shirt, Bandana, Cup and face paint). There are only 1250 shirts available so get yours before they sell out!! If you don’t get yours in time cover into Isaac’s will be 5$ at the door!

4) Dress the part: It’s time to rock your Brock Swag everyone!!! Dress in your Brock colours and help us cover St.Catharines with Badger Pride!!! Below are some cool ideas on how to spice up your homecoming T-Shirts to stand out on the big day!!

5) SPIRIT, SPIRIT, SPIRIT: If you love Brock, Homecoming is the day you show the whole world how proud you are to be a Badger!! Show your school spirit and support our athletes as they represent us and defeat the competition!!