Halloween: University Style

Halloween is slowly approaching and I couldn’t be any more excited. It’s not like a bad theme party, where only one person participates. At Brock, literally EVERYONE dresses up and partakes in Halloween festivities.

I encourage you all to get into the Halloween spirit.

Here are a couple suggestions that might help:

1. Scary Movies

This is when all the best scary movies come out in theatres, so hit up Empire Theatres on a Tuesday night with your friends or roommates (it’s cheap night, can’t go wrong!).  Remember, this is a perfect opportunity to cozy up to your crush in the theater 😉 The scary movies, currently playing are:

-House at the End of the Street



For all you Badgers that are easily scared, COMMON’ IT’S HALLOWEEN!

2. Haunted Houses

One of the perks of going to Brock University is that Niagara Falls is so close by. There are so many haunted houses available on Clifton Hill. Grab some courage, and some friends, and try something new for October!

Haunted Manor is having a Brock student discount on October 27th (I’m all about the deals, can you tell?) The price is usually $25 but as a Brock student you get to experience hayrides and haunted houses for $15!!

3. Bake Goods (nomnom!)

Bake some cookies, cupcakes, cakes or treats to get in the spirit. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some delicious goodies and carbs.  For any indigent purchases, hit up Bulk Barn on a Wednesday and receive a 10% discount with your student card!


This is the best part of Halloween; this is the time to get creative! You don’t need tons of money to find the best costume! Most of the best costumes are homemade. Hit up your local goodwill, value village or any thrift store to find random cheap pieces to put together an amazing costume. Need inspiration?

Carly Rae Jepsen


Mad Hatter


Minnie Mouse


Starbucks Employee



Well, now that you have your awesome costume, you need somewhere to show it off and take 1000 pictures. Our campus bar Isaac’s is having TWO Halloween parties!

On WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31th: Isaac’s is having an ALL AGES HALLOWEEN PARTY! Check out the Facebook event for more details!

On THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Isaac’s is having its 19+ HALLOWEEN PARTY! Check out the Facebook event for up-to-date details!


University is where your best experiences are made. So have fun, be safe, and have a great HALLOWEEN! Email pictures to [email protected] and show us how you celebrated Halloween 2012!

…. & that’s the ‘B Word’ for this week