Brock University is administered by a bicameral governance structure, Senate and Board of Trustees. Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the university, and, with the approval of the Board in so far as expenditure of funds is concerned, may enact by-laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs.

The University has the power to establish and maintain such faculties, schools, institutes, departments, chairs, and courses, as the Senate deems necessary and as approved with respect to finances and facilities by the Board.

The Senate consists of 67 members. This include 36 elected full-time teaching staff and professional librarians, and, two members of the Board of Trustees, six (6) undergraduate and two (2) graduate students, and one Alumni Association representative elected by their respective constituencies. There are also 20 ex officio members of Senate.

The Senate meets monthly from September to June to conduct its business. There are currently eight (8) standing committees, one special committee, and one board meet to conduct business that is brought forward to Senate.

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Student Senate Caucus

The Student Senate Caucus is comprised of six (6) undergraduate students that are elected at large to represent the undergraduate student population. These students are responsible for attending all meetings of the Senate and are assigned to the various committees (listed below) ensuring students’ voices are well represented. The Student Caucus meets once a month, where priorities are identified and a plan to action is developed. All student senators must submit a report to the caucus that will outline what was discussed at the Senate committee level. Bi-weekly reports will be submitted by the Student Senate Caucus to Brock University’s Administrative Council (BUSAC) for their review. These reports will be also available online


Provides advice to the Board of Trustees in respect to the operating budget’s consistency with academic policy.

Provides advice regarding principles of the University budget, fiscal priorities and challenges, budget system and matters requiring institutional advocacy.

Members of the Senate

Name Email
Daniel Krowchuk [email protected]
Benjamin Johnson [email protected]
Ria Choksi [email protected]
Moksh Sharma [email protected]
Omer Gul [email protected]
Yasmine Hejazi [email protected]
Austin Hurley [email protected]

Board of Trustees