Call for Candidates for the Position of Vice-Provost, Teaching & Learning


Call for Candidates for the Position of Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning

Brock University is seeking candidates from within the University as the inaugural appointment for the newly established position of Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning. Reporting to the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, the Vice-Provost will be responsible for leading and facilitating processes on a University-wide basis. This includes identifying goals and implementing strategies and systems to enhance teaching and learning through the range of traditional, experimental and innovative pedagogies, delivery systems, platforms and scheduling, with a focus on promoting excellence in teaching and learning and meeting the ever-evolving needs of a diverse student body that comprises undergraduate and graduate students on campus and off, domestic and international.

The Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning will be a member of the University’s senior administrative council (SAC), which group already includes the Director of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation. She or he may also be called upon regularly by the Provost and Vice-President, Academic torepresent the University on provincial and national bodies concerned with teaching and learning. The Vice-Provost will support the work of Senate and its committees in matters pertaining to teaching and learning.

The appointment is for an initial term of three to five years and is renewable.


Brock University has a long and proud tradition of excellence in teaching and learning. This tradition has manifested itself in an ongoing commitment to its students, and to pedagogy and learning. The use of seminars and other small-group learning experiences, supplemented by co-op programs, service and experiential learning, are among the traditions of which Brock is proud. The support for the Centre for  Pedagogical Innovation (formerly CTLET), the success of Brock faculty in 3M and other teaching awards, and our showing in NSSE and other student surveys offers further evidence of our teaching excellence. However, as the recent Senate Special Meeting and other events on campus suggest, resting on our laurels is not an option in a field as dynamic and changing as university teaching and pedagogy.

In recent years Brock has emerged as a significant actor in the research arena, a development supported by the formalization of the position of Vice-President, Research. While the growth of and support for research at Brock sends a vital message, so, too, we must be clear that teaching, learning and pedagogy remain essential.


In his report to Senate (May 9, 2012), the President announced the creation of the position of Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning, which will be filled internally.

On May 10, the President wrote the Chair of Senate Governance Committee asking that the Committee request nominations of full-time faculty members from across the University who may be among those chosen for positions on the Advisory Committee. Seven faculty members (one from each Faculty) and one professional librarian will sit on the Advisory Committee chaired by the Provost and Vice-President, Academic.

The Governance Committee will consider all nominations confidentially and select the nominees to recommend for membership on the Advisory Committee to the President. Also on May 10, the Presidents of BUSU and GSA were asked to join those eight individuals on the Advisory Committee.
Finally, on May 10, this call for nominations and volunteers to stand for the position was issued internally in the University.


Nominations and statements of interest should be received in the office of the Provost no later than May 30, 2012.
The Advisory Committee will review the files, conduct interviews as necessary and make a recommendation by the end of June, with the appointment to commence as soon as possible thereafter.