BWord: BOC Blog #2

“I Collaborated in the Collaboratorium!”

Hey Badgers!

Whether you got a great tan somewhere down south, or had fun watching TV on the couch…not moving at all for a whole week… I hope all of you had a wonderful reading week! I’d firstly like to congratulate all of the new BUSU executives: Cooper Millard, Liv Meriano, Christopher Yendt, and Roland Erman. You all ran a fantastic race! Secondly, I’d like to thank all of the candidates who campaigned—you all have such a passion for Brock, and if it was possible, I’d want all of you to win.

During my two weeks off thanks to campaigning and elections, I had some spare time (okay…a lot of it!). This allowed me to spend time at school doing various activities, like hanging out in the Market, getting some studying done at the library and even visiting the Collaboratorium. Now, I hate to give away my secret, but I feel as a fellow Badger I probably should… What stuck out to me the most was definitely my time in the Collaboratorium…I hadn’t even realized what it had to offer, and I am so glad I went to see it. This got me thinking- this is such a fantastic resource for off campus students (and on campus students). I saw so many students take advantage of this space here at Brock, and I’ve put together a list of ways that you as a student could take some serious advantage of this awesome place.


I didn’t actually “go” to the Collaboratorium on purpose. I’m sure we’ve all gone through the process of looking for a space to study at Brock, right? You check the first floor of the library, then maybe you check out the 5th floor, then the 6th, 7th, 8th. Etc… and then after you can’t find a spot there, you maybe check the first floor again in hope for a “comfy booth” by the Thistle Hallway (no luck), you try the group study room—and then they kick you out. And then your last chance is the “silent study room”. You finally find a spot in there, and then 20 minutes later a library employee tells you to pack up your things since they’re about to close the room. “Well that’s it”. I thought, “I have nowhere to study”. The option of going home is always tickles my fancy, but with my fantastic roommates, always wanting to watch the food network and do awesome things like bake some cookies at 11pm, I knew that productive would be the last thing I would be at home. So I took a walk and thought of all the places I could study…the new Cairns building? Plaza? Starbucks? Yes maybe, but with a 10lb backpack, a winter coat, and very fast-working armpit sweat glands, I decided I needed something closer. Ah! The Collaboratorium! I always have heard of people in the office talk about the Collaboratorium, but never have I once been there. So, I strolled down Thistle and made my way there.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was what a great study space this was. There are numerous tables and chairs (rolly chairs- yes!) set up around the room that enables individual studying. There are also a number of round tables that can be used as a group study space. The noise volume was low, which didn’t distract me at all. I sat down and took out my things to study (finally), and I actually studied! For 3 hours, I was in there and no one kicked me out or gave me a hard time. During this time, students were moving in and out, taking advantage of all of the great things the Collab has to offer. One of the things I noted was that there was cheap printing services (yes, cheaper than the library and fishbowl, people), but at times there was a line for printing. Yet, the employees that worked there were very good about moving people along with the printing an helping those in need who were confused about how the system worked. Another thing that I noticed was that there were not one, but two microwaves in there! Now, for those off-campus students that bring their lunch (like me), this is great. Students were coming in just to microwave their food, and there was hardly ever a line to do this. As a third year student, I thought that only General Brock in Academic South had a microwave! This place has two, could it really get any better than that? Probably not.

So far, the Collboratorium has: great study space (individual and group space), little noise, two microwaves, friendly employees, cheap printing, and…FREE FOOD!

Wait, what? Free food? Yes! Lining the walls in neatly positioned racks was everything from Kraft Dinner, rice, pudding, cans of soup—any kind of food a student would love! So my first question was… how does this work? For a little study break I got up and chatted with one of the employees that worked there. She was so friendly, and was very informative about how this “free food” deal worked. There is a form that you can fill out online or at the desk there, and three times a year you are able to choose up to nine items to get for free! You set a date and time you would like to pick these items up and the employees that work there package it up and it will be ready for you at the pick up time! I think that more students should be able to take advantage of this great offer BUSU has.


So if any of you students (off or on campus) need a place to study, eat, meet with a group,  microwave your lunch, and even receive free food… check out this Collaboratorium! You definitely will not regret it.

Hang in there, we’re almost done!


Happy Wednesday,

Rachel Wolochatiuk

Your 2012-2013 Brock Off Campus Coordinator