BWord: BOC Blog #1

Hey Badgers!

I am your 2012-2013 Brock Off Campus Coordinator and I want to inform all of you about some great new changes the Brock Off Campus program has implemented! This past semester, I was sending all of the BOC members a biweekly newsletter but I decided to try something new and start a blog! This BOC blog will give everyone (not only BOC members) some great off campus tips, surveys to make everybody’s off campus experience better at Brock University, as well as updating everyone on the upcoming Brock Off Campus events BUSU will be running! My goal for this semester is to have meaningful events that will be helpful and interesting. I hope that Brock Off Campus can expand its networking into not only 1st and 2nd year students, but the upper year students as well.

Being off campus (with or without a car haha) can be difficult. Even doing laundry every week becomes a struggle to keep up with especially during midterm season! I’ve come with up a list of organizational tips so that studying, being productive, and having time for friends is all feasible during this stressful time of year:

1. Start small

-Don’t try to conquer everything at once! Take it step by step and try not to look at the big picture—you will succeed!

2. Get into routine

-This is something that I try to follow on a weekly basis. Having a weekly routine can be extremely beneficial, and it’s a great way to have optimal time to do the things you love and want to do.

3. Clean as you go! (or a little at a time)

-As students, we all know the house (or dorm) can get slightly messy (okay, lets be honest….very messy). Choose a project per day and conquer it! Even if you have roommates, try implementing a weekly schedule for cleaning so that everyone is involved.

4. Put it away now

-Who else does laundry and then doesn’t put it away? Or how about when you’re finished using something and it sits on the counter for weeks (hopefully nothing smelly)—make your life a little less cluttered and just put it away!

5. Use a calendar or a planner

-Our brains can’t possibly remember everything on our to-do list, try writing it down in your calendar! Most phones have a calendar that you can personalize, or if you’re more of a visual person like me, try using a day planner instead.

Try using these tips during your stressful weeks, and I know everything on your to-do list will be on your “done” list.


Happy Thursday Brock University,

Rachel Wolochatiuk

Brock Off Campus Coordinator