BUSU Unveils 2013 O-Week Logo

Today, BUSU is proud to release the official logo and launch of O-Week 2013’s theme. Throughout the course of the summer, we have been working hard to bring you the best O-Week yet. O-Week is meant to bring all first year students together and introduce to them to the Brock community by engaging all in exciting events, networking opportunities, and avenues to show your Badger spirit.


The official hashtag for O-Week 2013 is #YourMoment13. The motivation behind this stems from our idea that the entrance into your post-secondary career at Brock is YOUR time to shine, making sure that you realize that this is YOUR MOMENT. Throughout O-Week, we urge you to realize how exciting this new chapter is in your life, and to be sure to treat it as your moment.

BUSU is continuing to plan your O-Week to make it unreal. Over the remainder of the summer, tweet @BrockBUSU telling us what you are looking forward to using the #YourMoment13. Remember future Badgers: This is your University, this is your chance to make it count, this is your O-Week, this is your moment. Enjoy your summer, get excited, and we look forward to seeing you all on September 1st!

Jimmy Norman, Special Events Coordinator