BUSU Announces new Sustainability Initiatives

In a continued effort to improve our impact both locally and globally, the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) is proud to officially announce two new sustainable initiatives at our on campus operations, General Brock and Union Station.

With a large portion of revenue coming from coffee sales, General Brock, BUSU’s on-campus retail location, has decided to tackle coffee waste one cup at a time. General Brock will be offering free, re-usable travel mugs for coffee and tea, and will be discounting the hot beverage purchases for customers who choose to use any re-usable mug in store. Heather McLean, Retail Manager at General Brock, remarked that “the reusable coffee mugs we offer to students this year should result in a drastic decrease in paper cup waste.” General Brock will also be providing an incentive for customers to re-use their cardboard coffee sleeves, in the form of a free coffee after 10 uses.

BUSU will also be making the switch from plastic disposable cutlery to 100% CPLA compostable cutlery. The new cutlery, made from renewable resources that are compostable, meets ATSM standards for composability, and will debut in BUSU operations in the coming weeks. General Brock, non-franchised Union Station outlets, and BUSU catering will all be making the switch to the new cutlery, and are excited about the new initiative. “BUSU businesses will now have the opportunity to lead by example as we switch from plastic to 100% compostable cutlery”, said McLean.

These initiatives, and others like it, are made possible by BUSU’s Green Levy, a $1.01 per credit fee collected from all undergraduate students for the purpose of improving our environmental efficiency and reducing our impact. “Thanks to the Green Levy contributions of Brock University undergraduate students, we are in a position to not only support but lead sustainability initiatives across campus”, commented McLean. Funds collected from the Green Levy can be used in a number of ways to improve BUSU’s operations, including renovations to BUSU’s facilities that increase energy efficiency, eliminate waste, and decrease BUSU’s environmental impact. It can also be used towards the incremental cost of increasing the sustainability of BUSU events, activities, and operations, as compared to the base cost of standard practice.

Do you have an idea to help make BUSU more Green? We would love to hear it. Please email Kayleigh at [email protected] for full details on turning your idea into sustainable action.