Halloween Costume Protocol

Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) is dedicated to creating Halloween celebrations at Isaac’s Bar and Grill that demonstrates integrity, respect and which honor our diverse student membership on campus that embody wide ranges of cultural backgrounds. At BUSU it is our priority to maintain a campus climate that prevents costumes from reinforcing harmful stereotypes around race, gender, ability, culture and mental health from entering our venues.

The Halloween Costume Vetting Protocol is a way of communicating to students on what is not acceptable, encourage students to be mindful of their costume choices and prevent offensive representations of our friends, family members and co-workers from permeating our spaces in an oppressive and offensive way. Vetting Halloween costumes isn’t a matter of telling people what to wear. It’s a matter of paying respect to the stories and experiences of marginalized groups who are depicted in these costumes: their culture, history and lives should never be desecrated, but understood and celebrated. BUSU stands in solidarity by prioritizing that cultures are not costumes.

What if my costume violates the BUSU Halloween Costume Protocol?

  • A member of the security team may discreetly ask you to identify your costume if it’s hidden under coats;
  • If in violation, you will be asked to remove the problematic costume items;
  • You will not lose your place in line;
  • You will be able to coat check your costume or parts of your costume upon entry;
  • You will still be granted entry into the event if compliant;
  • No disciplinary or punitive action will be taken if compliant;
  • If you are not compliant, you will be asked to leave the premises;
  • If you are belligerent or threatening, campus security and Niagara Regional Police will escort you off site.

Sacred, Ceremonial and Customary Dress which are not Costumes

Other prohibited costumes include (but are not limited too): Costumes perpetuating harmful stereotypes and tropes of marginalized people; costumes in poor taste which make fun of suicide or sexual violence; costumes depicting symbols or images of hate and violence.