Dev Patel



Hi, I'm Dev Patel (not the actor)! I am in my fourth year at Brock University in the BBA program. I'm a BrockTV Producer at BrockTV! I began my experience with BrockTV as a volunteer for a camera operator for a women's hockey game. After that experience I knew I wanted to be more involved with BrockTV and their production team and found myself as part of the staff by fall the next term. I have always had a stronger interest in films and filmmaking which is something I get to explore more as a producer in making videos that I love to see. I enjoy being involved with the on-campus activities and becoming more involved with the events at Brock through BrockTV. I loved working on making hype videos promoting on campus events and getting the students excited about being a student. I look forward to looking into a career in the film industry and BrockTV is a great environment to learn and grow as a young filmmaker.