About Me

In conjunction with the Vice President, Student Services, I work for the students of Brock University directing a variety of elements associated with the overall student experience. I oversee the management of the 95+ student clubs on campus, as well as the dedicated work towards BUSU’s Sponsorship/Partnership efforts. I also work to ensure that all of BUSU’s Student Services are running smoothly and that BUSU’s Event Production is delivering what the students want, need or ask for. In addition, I ensure that all of BUSU’s Marketing and Communication efforts are providing the student body with what they deserve.

Students May Need to Contact Me For:
Any student, at any point during their time at Brock University, that might have a question about how to get involved on campus, different clubs to join, how to create their own club, what student supports might be available to them, what events might be happening, or what they’d like to see on campus, is more than welcome to whip an email my way. I do what I do, because I LOVE the Student Experience and I’m a dedicated advocate for what’s best for YOU!